Máquina de control de acceso de asistencia de tiempo de reconocimiento facial tipo columna

Model: D701

Function:Attendance check in, Mask recognition, Access control, Attendance report, Face verification
Description:7 inch face recognition access control and time attendance all in one machine can be widely used in face access control, campus face safety channel, staff attendance, visitor appointment, meeting smart signing, government office entrance and exit authentication.


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7 Inch Face Recognition Access Control Entry System and Biometric Time Attendence

Facial comparasion precision rate >99.9%

Core function

Linux system stability / Face recognition / 99.9%High accuracy / Super capacity / Support black and white list / Lntelligent attendance / Fiexible deployment / Access control

Face authentication:Living body eyes anti-counterfeit function, facial photo and video etc, cheating prevention

High accuracy:Identification precision rate ≥ 97%, facial comparasion precision rate ≥ 99.9%

Super capacity:Support face matching library and face recognition logs.

Access control entry system:Complete and compatible access control input and output protocol interfaces

Attendance Statistics:Live-view while face punching, automatic statistics check-in and check-out

Visitor Reservation:Support black and white list creation, visitors can pass after face verification,it enhances visitor experience.

Support swipe card/ID card:Support face authentication or swipe card (IC , ID card) mutiple verification methods, and meet different demands.

Face Entry:Supports online import registered face, and directly registers face offline, convenient  and quick

Data Analysis:Automatically generate attendance statistics tables, access to third party platforms to complete data summary

Multi-Scenes Coverage:Its surroundings,wearings and photos etc will affect nothing, highly efficient and stable.

Traditional Card Punching & Intelligent Time Attendence

Traditional Card Punching

The traditional card punching system is easy to mistake and miss punching card, its efficiency is slow and easy to cheat when people line up to punch card, and the statistical efficiency is also low.

Intelligent Time Attendence

Dynamic Punching while passing through increase the time attendance efficiency more than 10 times. Face feature algorithm recognition refuses to cheat, one-key export attendance statistics accurately and efficiently.

Dynamic capture image intelligent time attendence while passing through

Using high dynamic binocular multi-spectral 2 million face recognition camera, wide angle facial recognition, and fast distance authentication, which are safe and convenient.

Background Management System

Administrators can batch input employee photo information, custom attendance rules, attendance data management, access record queries, visitor data management, meeting checker management, etc. via back handling system.

Application Scenarios / School / Factory campus / Construction site / Office building

7 inch face recognition access control and time attendance all in one machine can be widely used in face access control, campus face safety channel, staff attendance, visitor appointment, meeting smart signing, government office entrance and exit authentication, gate reform and other application scenarios,make people management more efficiently and smarter.

Easy to Place and Flexible Installation

Desktop, wall mounted, gate type, column type, mobile bracket, etc many kinds of installation modes, It is flexible to use in different installation scenarios such as glass, desktop, wall, gate and so on.

Product Features

Real Time Face Detection, Photo detection Live detection

2-mega pixel wide dynamic camera

Face recognition time up to 0.2 seconds

All-in-one machine complete face capturing, contrast function

Support extended 1:1 face and ID matching,  1:N face recognition

Friendly voice prompt function, broadcast comparision verification results

Support face live view capture, capture photos and store them in real time then upload photos to background.

You can work offline in disconnection mode, and do not need to control it through computer.

Free to switch IC card, face recognition, IC card + face recognition mode

Product support output switch signal, it is compatible seamlessly with gate, magnetic lock

Support 10000 face matching libray

Support face recognition in complex light environments, such as reverse light, backlight, all black and other environments

Distance control method, within 0.5-3 meters, the recongnition distance range is big.

Attendance management function; blacklist/whitelist management, check in/check out direction customization settings

Built-in professional automatic induction positive white high-display LED light, effectively ensure uniform face light

Importing face template is flexible, supporting single face, batch image files import and real-time capture of registered face

Face recognition detection technology is based on improved multi task cascade convolution neural network, face recognition is fast.

Support output 485 and Wegand signal, seamlessly matching with all kinds of access controllers, support WG26, WG34

Equipped with high-performance processor, the performance gets improved by 5-10 times, bringing super computing capabilities for complex mathematical and geometric calculation.

Product number: iHM42-2T07-T5-EN、iHM42-2T07-T4-EN、iHM42-2T08-T2-EN、iHM22-2T07-D02、iHM23-2T07-D02、FS1002-N21S-FDLH-M06、FA1005-N21S-FDLH-BG-M06

Product real picture display / Positive display / Side show / Back displayRJ45, Power in 12V, Alarm out, WG IN, WG OUT, USBMultiple installation modeProduct structureApplication scenariso: School, Construction site, Office building, Factory


Wall-mounted face recognition time attendance access control machine Specification

Face recognition access control

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