JAE's Body Temperature Detection Kiosks Combat the Threat of COVID-19

Release Time: 2021-03-15

The JAE's Body Temperature Detection Device is a new state of the art way to combat the Coronavirus through body temperature measurement. Lower the risk of being affected by utilizing the equipped Infrared sensor to easily scan visitors from 1-meter way. The Haiman Sensor allows you to rapidly recognize and capture different levels of infrared light to accurately identify and detect temperatures. If a visitor’s temperature is higher than normal, an alarm is triggered and notifies you. The device can also be used for facial recognition, personnel management, and mask detection. 

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Temperature Key Kiosks Features

·         Body Temperature Detection

·         Facial Recognition & Personnel Management

·         Mask Detection

·         Touchless Interaction

·         Custom Alarms (Fever, Mask, Stranger, Blacklist)

·         Integrations for Relays, Gates, Doors, and Lights

·         Advanced API / SDK Integrations

·         Comes with Device Management Software

·         Includes a Counter Stand


Other Key Features

>  Personnel Management

>  Body Temperature Reading

>  Detect Mask Usage

>  Facial Recognition

>  Interface with your control systems




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