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Why QR Code Access Control Is Good To Keep A Healthy Office Environment?

Release Time: 2021-03-05

A test made by researchers showed that 45% of workers may be infected if they did not take appropriate prevention measures. That also indicated that the company should try hard to create a healthy office environment to ensure normal operation at such a special time.

Why QR Code Access Control Is Good To Keep A Healthy Office Environment?

To create a healthy office environment, it is necessary to know and register the identity and health status of all in and out people because you have no idea where they have been and whether they get vaccines. And that’s why digital health passport is adopted by increasing countries these days.

A digital health passport is akin to an electronic vaccine passport, it can show someone vaccination information online so as to prove his health status. That's indeed a newfangled health proof and effective prevention measure. But for now, not everyone able to get it, and QR code access control may be a good replacement.

Everyone who needs to enter the office can online declare their information (name, temperature, journey, etc) and generate his personal QR code. can intuitively know in and out personnel health status. And then, people can quickly enter the office with certified QR code access control.

Enlightened by the idea that QR code access control is good to keep a healthy office environment, Shenzhen JAE Technology update its face recognition access control kiosk with QR code access control verification, on the basis of mask detection, face recognition, and card access control.

It is reported that add one face recognition access control kiosk can protect 10 personnel from infection, improve access control efficiency and create a healthy environment. Why not try it?



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