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North Carolina college expands health greeter kiosks

Release Time: 2021-03-19

The University of North Carolina has expanded its health greeter kiosks that use artificial intelligence and computer vision to make sure people are social distancing and wearing masks, according to a report in The Daily Tar Heel, the campus newspaper.

North Carolina college expands health greeter kiosks

The kiosks were designed by students under the guidance of Steven King, chief innovation officer for the Reese Innovation Lab.

The kiosks analyze video frames for human faces to determine whether they are wearing a mask and displays a message encouraging a mask if they are not wearing one.

The kiosks do not use facial recognition technology and all data is collected anonymously, King said. temperature kiosk

Lenovo engineers helped to optimize the kiosk's technology.

The project is currently determining if the technology can be used for convention centers or if people in larger groups want to rent such a kiosk.



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