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Community management relies on face recognition access control machine

Release Time: 2021-01-27

The orderly implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures is tantamount to a severe challenge to community management. If the residents in the community cannot be accurately managed, it will cause many epidemic prevention measures to lose their due role, but now in many cities Facial recognition access control machine has been regarded as an ideal choice for access control management.

Community management relies on face recognition access control machine

After completing the entry of the residents’ facial information, the people entering the community can be targeted and efficiently managed, and even the people who can enter and exit by themselves can be reasonably distinguished in accordance with relevant regulations In short, people who are not in the community cannot enter and exit, which is essential to strengthen the management of epidemic prevention measures.

Considering that there are many types of access control products today, if you lack the necessary understanding of industry trends, it will be difficult to make a choice in the face of products with different functions. After a thorough understanding of the functional types and characteristics of face recognition access control machines, Naturally, it will be regarded as the technical support of community management.

After all, the mature application mode of advanced technology has the technical advantages to improve management efficiency. Even the community management work often faces complex and severe situations. After identifying the access control system, management efficiency can also be improved invisibly.

Obviously, the development speed of access control system and terminal products is relatively fast, and the function type can be flexibly adjusted according to specific application scenarios, and even the temperature measurement function can be reflected from it, which also provides convenience for improving the implementation efficiency of epidemic prevention measures Conditions, I believe that for many cities, this can be used to improve the working environment of community management. On this basis, the management level of personnel access will also be greatly improved.



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